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Learn to inspect per ASME, OSHA, and CMAA requirements. Your employees will learn the vital components of performing a thorough inspection, which will enable you to perform in-house daily, periodic and annual inspections.


Regulations and Standards Referenced

  OSHA 1910.179 - Overhead & Gantry Cranes  
  ASME B30.2 - Overhead & Gantry Cranes  
  ASME B30.11 - Monorails & Underhung Cranes  
  ASME B30.16 - Overhead Hoists (Underhung)  
  ASME B30.17 - Overhead & Ganty Cranes  

Topics and Subject Matter Covered
Mandatory and Advisory Rules  
Inspector's Responsibilities  
Inspection Procedures and Checklists  
Pre Operational Inspections  
Wire Rope Inspection Criteria  
Stages of Inspections  
Qualifications of Inspectors  
Load Test Requirements / Recommendations  
Adjustments and Repairs  
Preventative Maintenance  
Inspection Documentation Procedures  
Length of Program - 2 Days



Accident Prevention is Our Business!

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