Accident Prevention is Our Business

Inspecting Overhead Cranes - Inspecting Mobile Cranes - Inspecting Aerial Lifts


Through this training you will learn the vital components of a thorough inspection which will enable you to perform in-house inspections to comply with OSHA and ASME/SIA daily, periodic, and annual inspections requirements.


Regulations and Standards Referenced
  OSHA 1910.67 - Vehicle-Mounted Elevating Work Platforms  
  OSHA 1926.556 - Aerial Lifts  
  ASME/SIA A92.2 - Vehicle-Mounted Elevating & Rotating Aerial Devices  
  ASME/SIA A92.3 - Manually Propelled Elevating Aerial Platforms  
  ASME/SIA A92.5 - Boom Supported Elevating Work Platforms  
  ASME/SIA A92.6 - Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms  

Topics and Subject Matter Covered
Types, Components and Terminology  
Inspector Responsibilities  
Inspector Qualifications  
Inspection Procedures, Checklists  
Pre-Operational Inspections  
Stages of Inspections  
Accident Prevention Through Proper Inspection  
Preventive Maintenance  
Inspection - Procedures, Checklist, and Record Keeping  
Hands-on Inspection and Instruction  
Length of Program - 1 Days



Accident Prevention is Our Business!

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